Discover why the Work Breakdown Structure

is a Project Manager’s BEST Friend

You’ll have a proven and repeatable approach to planning and controlling your projects, no guess work required.

You’ll be able to translate what your project sponsor wants into what you and your team must do to meet project objectives.

You’ll discover how to structure every project so it’s clearly defined. Making creating your schedule and budget straightforward.

The Work Breakdown Structure is the Powerful Project Planning Tool that saved my career and my reputation. I want you to leverage this tool too.
Margaret Meloni, MBA, PMP and pmStudent community leader.

Developed from OVER 15 years of hands-on professional project management experience in Computing, Financial Services, Telecom and Aerospace.

Managing your project does not have to be overwhelming when you have a proven and powerful project planning tool at the ready. WBSCoach Training will lead you from chaos to structure. Replacing confusion about the project with clarity and direction. WBSCoach Training that offers you a:

Breakdown your Project and Build Up YOUR Success.

WBSCoach will show you how to create this Powerful Project Planning Tool!



eBook + Audio


Full Course


  • How to understand earned value
  • How to identify project resource needs
  • How to report status to executives
  • How to avoid estimating pitfalls
  • And more!

The Work Breakdown Structure really is the Powerful Project Planning Tool that saved me. I jumped (or was thrown) into project management with no training. The next thing I knew I was managing a large program and none of us knew if we would meet our target dates. Fortunately for me we brought in a seasoned consultant who taught us how to create and use the Work Breakdown Structure. By the end of an all-day offsite, we knew what we needed to do, who needed to do it and how long it was going to take. All of this came from mastering the Work Breakdown Structure. This is why you need this WBSCoach training. You’ll be organized and in control from beginning to end of every project, and the results will blow you away. You’ll wish everything was this clearly presented and easy to implement. And, I’ve priced the training so it’s ridiculously affordable – I wanted owning the WBSCoach training to be an absolute no-brainer, so you can realize benefit without sweating the expense.

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