Want to Get Ahead in Project Management?

  • Does project planning seem daunting?
  • Tired of struggling with project change control?
  • Looking for the best starting point in formal project management?

How would you like to make it easy?

New and aspiring project managers struggle every day trying to weed through advanced topics when they havenít had the opportunity to master the fundamentals yet. Projects are riddled with challenges revolving around planning and controlling them.

Does this sound familiar?

People become project managers every day, either accidentally or by choice. They find it difficult to properly plan and control their projects because the majority of project management training downplays the role of fundamental practices that really work.


I love your WBS Coach product, itís the best $$ I ever spent!

Jorge Lamus, PMP
WBS Coach Student
Florida, USA

Hi Josh,

I found WBS Coach to be extremely helpful in reinforcing the principles and in demonstrating the various techniques that can be applied to creating the WBS (I especially liked the approach for handling Project Services). The straightforward delivery style of the book and accompanying audio/video modules provided great clarity. Your appreciation of the WBS value is refreshing (and motivating)!

Thank you,

Robert McLaughlin, PMP
West Chester, PA

Take control

Using the right approach anyone can set up a proper framework to make project planning and control easy and straight forward.

A proper Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is the answer.

Your WBS Coach will teach you how to make it sing

Here is what you will discover:

  • What a WBS is and what itís NOT
  • Why itís useful when done properly
  • What you need before you start
  • How to structure your project for optimal definition and control
  • How to use specific WBS tools and software
  • A step-by-step process for creating your WBS
  • How your WBS can be leveraged for change control
  • An example project at different stages and how the WBS changes
  • Common pitfalls to watch out for

Dear Josh,

I was reading an article regarding to WBS and when reading the comment posts, yours caught my attention. I visited WBSCoach.com site on Sunday morning (yesterday) and purchased the training package. By 8 pm I already went through all the training package. Please allow to congratulate you for developing a such complete, extensive, clear and effective training package! It really gave some light on understanding how the WBS is composed by deliverables and their difference between activities and tasks.

Leonardo Gil
WBS Coach Student


  • 9 chapters, 124 pages
  • Rich illustrations
  • Practitioner checklist
  • Instant download
  • Money back guarantee

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  • Rich illustrations
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Purchase the WBS Coach Full Course

Hello Josh:

Just finished the WBS Coach. Let me say this: your training is by far the best I have seen on the subject, by far! Also, I feel it is a great value. As a Director of Project Management, Iíll recommend and use your material for training of my Program Managers.

Thank you for developing this great program!

Kai Sch¸ler
Arkansas, USA

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